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Retail security tips from Security365 Pty Ltd

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article image FMCG retailers must combine advanced electronic security devices with proven physical security solutions

Security365 Pty Ltd  offers security tips for FMCG retailers to secure their premises against crime.

FMCG retailers need to combine the latest in electronic security technology with tried and tested physical security solutions to successfully defend themselves against criminal activities.

A leading diversified security provider in Australia, Security365 offers solutions that successfully transition both the high tech electronics sector and the physical barrier segments of the security industry to meet unique needs.

A weak economy not only increases unemployment rates but also causes a corresponding rise in levels of crime. FCMG retailers therefore, need to be more vigilant, not only about potential intruders but also against shoplifting and staff pilferage incidents. Technology is being increasingly applied in the FMCG retail segment to minimise pilfering, shoplifting and break-ins.

FMCG retailers across supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores can implement the latest Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) devices including security tags, security labels and pins.

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are ideal for strategic locations in and around the store, especially in the back rooms and point of sale areas. Offering continuous, real time speed surveillance, these cameras act as a deterrent against theft by store staff or customers while providing high quality video recording of potential intruders. CCTV cameras can often be networked and viewed in real time from remote locations such as the head office.


Monitored back to base alarms and smoke alarms will provide a greater level of security. Intruder detection monitoring helps protect the business during closed hours.

Physical security barriers

Technology must be used in combination with a physical barrier to deliver an optimum security solution for the retailer.

Tailor made for the retail industry, retractable trellis security doors offer security at night when locked and closed, with the concertina security doors folding completely out of the way during trading hours to maximise the retailer’s merchandising displays. Security doors are available in structural designs with full frames or can be mobile and trackless for use in different locations.

Roller shutters, also referred to as window shutters are also excellent deterrents against crime and work well for retail security needs.

It is important for retailers to deal with a reputed security provider such as Security365, which is also licensed under the Security Industry Act by the Australian Police and affiliated with a respectable industry body such as the ASIAL.

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