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Security and facility management services from Securecorp

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Securecorp  offers cleaning, security and facility management services by conducting training programs, alarm monitoring and electronics.

Securecorp has art of monitoring alarms and provides on going monitoring services in the areas of duress, closed circuit television and fire. Vehicle tracking system is also implemented by Securecorp to monitor the movements of sensitive products.

Securecorp has qualified professionals to handle security systems, security audits, to plan and manage the projects and to handle information security programs. Securecorp also offers electronic security system and project management services. Electronic monitoring services include alarm installation and monitoring, CCTV system installation, vehicle tracking and consultancy services.

The alpha team from Securecorp consists of closed protection specialist for short and long term assignments. Securecorp provides effective protection against threat and budget of each individual client. The customer service officers from Securecorp offer protection around the clock. The training staffs are qualified and licensed. The training provided by Securecorp is given by registered training organisation and it is recognised as security industry training provider.

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