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Seismic and sonic detectors from Securacorp International

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Securacorp International  supplies seismic and sonic detectors for safes, vault doors and ATMs. The Senset GM530 detector is ideal for detecting all known types of attacks on steel or concrete objects. Any attacks carried out by means of explosives, diamond-bit drills, mechanical devices or thermic tools such as cutting torches and oxygen lances can be immediately detected.

Securacorp International offers a wide range of quality key operated barrel and cam locks for wood and steel furniture drawers, doors and cupboards. The range includes cam locks, barrel locks, drawer locks, mailbox locks, electrical switch locks, sliding door and showcase locks. full range of straight and bent cam locks, single bitted, double bitted, gem keys as well as handles for cupboards and office equipment. All locks are made from stainless steel or brass faces.

Securacorp International supplies fire seals for safes, vault doors and fire resisting cabinets and supplies smoke and fire seals for general doors. A range of fire and smoke sealing strips are placed between the closing faces of the door and body to enhance fire rating properties and to eliminate the passage of smoke and fumes.

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