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Seco completes its Duratomic grade chain for steel turning with TP3500

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article image TP3500 - Duratomic grade for steel turning

Seco Tools Australia  is now launching TP3500, its fifth Duratomic grade for steel turning. Development of TP3500 has focused on achieving a grade with the toughness necessary for high productivity turning of steels in demanding applications. The increased wear resistance of the Duratomic coating has made it possible to widen the application window, utilizing tougher substrates. This effect is predominant when the “time in cut” is short to medium, or interrupted.  

Impressive edge toughness When compared to the earlier, non-Duratomic grade, TP3000, the new substrate of TP3500 has been adjusted for additional bulk toughness.

TP3500’s functionally graded substrate also gives increased toughness in the surface zone, compared to the bulk toughness. The result is impressive edge toughness with long, reliable tool life.  

The other area of focus was achieving the versatility to handle a range of steel materials. TP3500 is designed for ISO P25-P40 and M25-M40 applications. Materials that can be machined include all kinds of unalloyed and alloyed steels, cast steels and stainless steels. The capability of TP3500 to handle both wet and dry machining will make it a suitable choice for mixed production.  

Bengt-Olof Antman, Product Manager, ISO-Inserts, Seco:  “Whether it’s rough and intermittent turning, small part turning or stainless steel turning, the toughness of TP3500 will mean high productivity for users, even under severe conditions”.  

Choosing the optimum grade for the application The TP3500 complements Seco’s TP1500 and TP2500 turning grades for steel and the TM2000 and TM4000 grades for stainless steel, thus completing Seco’s Duratomic grade chain for steel turning inserts. So Seco now has Duratomic solutions for all steel turning applications.  

How should customers make the optimum choice for their application? Bengt-Olof Antman: “In applications where customers want to prioritise wear resistance, they should choose TP1500. If they are looking for the optimum insert for general purpose steel turning and want versatility above all else, they should choose TP2500.”   

“But if toughness and edge security are priorities, they should definitely choose the new TP3500, since it also provides a wide working window and versatility, which will enable customers with mixed production to reduce their stock and save money.”

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