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General-purpose face milling cutter

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article image Suitable for use on low-power machines.

SECO has released the QuattroMill general-purpose face milling cutter, combining high-productivity milling with extended tool life and simplicity of use. The cutter has design features that produce a soft, easy cutting action and help to extend the life of the inserts and cutter body.

The light cutting geometry generates less force, torque and power consumption, making the QuattroMill suitable for use on low-power machines, for difficult materials including hardened steels, stainless steel and superalloys, and for applications where a close-pitch cutter style is preferred. The light cutting action also reduces vibrations and noise significantly. Because the cutters and inserts are produced with tight manufacturing tolerances, extremely fine surface finishes are achieved. These characteristics also make the QuattroMill cutter suitable for unstable conditions including long overhangs or poor fixturing of the workpiece.

The thick, strong inserts used with the QuattroMill cutter allow milling at very high feed rates. The available wiper inserts also enable milling with extremely fine surface finishes. The inserts, which are held by an extra long locking screw, have an integrated anvil to protect the insert pocket. This design minimises spare parts and enables quick and easy indexing of the inserts without fully removing them from the cutter. QuattroMill cutters have an extremely hard surface coating that extends tool life by protecting the bodies from wear and corrosion. The coated body also enhances chip flow from the pockets, an added advantage with close pitch cutters that have smaller chip flutes due to the additional teeth.

The QuattroMill line is available with 12mm inserts for use with medium to high-power machines or 9mm inserts for use with low-power machines. A combination of geometry and grades is available to cover all face milling applications. QuattroMill cutters are available with normal pitch as well as close and coarse-pitch cutter body styles in a diameter range of 20mm-200mm. To complement the built-in accuracy of this cutter family, Seco has introduced its Accu-fit precision face mill arbor that can be used with QuattroMill cutters. While use of ordinary arbors can result in up to 40 microns of runout, the Accu-fit arbor eliminates the play between cutter and arbor keeping runout to a minimum and extending tool life. A spigot on the Accu-fit arbor produces a powerful and uniform grip around the cutter’s centre bore.

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