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Sebalog D Dataloggers from Seba KMT AUS

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Seba KMT AUS  offers the new Sebalog D datalogger that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of water suppliers for water leak detection.

Sebalog D dataloggers feature an internal battery that works up to five years even with an integrated GSM modem.

Sebalog D loggers can be provided with integrated pressure sensors and different input channels to meet specific requirements. No leads are required for programmes or read-outs in these leak detection systems.

The user can provide instructions to the datalogger easily as well as quickly using the integrated radio transmitter and a radio interface in the computer. Additionally, the Readerbox unit allows the user to view the current status or read-out.

The 4MB internal memory of the Sebalog D is sufficient for almost one million values.

The four sensor inputs are freely programmable in analogue or digital and can be adjusted for a sample interval of one second up to 31 days.

Sebalog D dataloggers can be operated with four input channels and are also supplied with two integrated pressure sensors.

Sebalog D leak detectors can be fitted with an integrated GSM modem. The data is saved on an FTP server and can be downloaded using the SebaDataView software.

Each input channel of Sebalog D dataloggers is fitted with individual alarm thresholds and targets. If the threshold is reached, the logger is programmed to send an SMS or email, a facility available only with the GSM-integrated equipment. Alternatively, external devices such as valves, alarm lights or horns are activated.

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