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Hydrolux Leak Detectors from Seba KMT AUS

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The Hydrolux HL10 from Seba KMT AUS is a small and easy-to-operate handheld device for locating leaks in water pipes. The outstanding acoustic properties of Hydrolux leak detectors enable them to reliably locate the tiniest of leaks in pipes.

Key features of the Hydrolux HL10 leak detection systems include filter settings, LED indicator, one-hand operation and integrated LED light. The three filter settings allow the equipment to be accurately adjusted to the specific task and background noise interference can be suppressed effectively.

The LED indicator assists the leak location procedure while the user-friendly one-hand operation of these water leak detectors enables time-consuming assignments to be executed effortlessly.

The current measured value is stored in the mute switch provided in the Hydrolux leak detectors. The most appropriate setting for the particular leak situation can be selected using the volume and sensitivity controls.

Night work is facilitated by the LED light integrated with Hydrolux leak detectors.

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