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Simple solution to sticky problem

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article image The Sealing Systems sold-state controls bolt directly on to existing adhesive pumps for a low cost, quick installation.

SEALING Systems ’ solid-state pump controls, that deliver a consistent volume of adhesive, have saved Sancella thousands of dollars.

Four years ago, Sancella tissue production co-ordinator Mark Jakouljevic was battling with pneumatically controlled hot melt machines.

Continually losing pump pressure, the units would begin to dispense an unpredictable amount of adhesive, before failing totally.

"We were replacing the adhesive pumps every couple of months," Mark said.

Apart from bearing the replacement costs, Sancella's reject rates rose, as did the cost of compressed air.

Melbourne adhesive application specialist, Sealing Systems, was called upon to service the imported units. Managing director, Rick Braddock, recognised the problem.

"The machines were making a gasping 'shush-hiss' sound, which is typical of a loss of pressure on each stroke of the pumping cycle," he said.

"The wasted compressed air, product failure and downtime can cost thousands of dollars per machine each year and we knew there had to be a better way."

In response, Sealing Systems developed an electric pump control, utilising solid-state components rather than pneumatics. Sancella quickly had the new control mechanisms quickly installed.

"The Sealing Systems control simply bolts on to existing machines - so the cost is very low and installation is straightforward. Although most of our clients ask us to perform a pump rebuild at the same time, we can offer a very quick turnaround," Rick said.

The savings for Sancella have been dramatic, according to Mark Jakouljevic.

"It used to cost a fair bit to continually replace pumps, so we've made great savings. The new control units from Sealing Systems have been running perfectly for well over four years now - there's no need to touch them," he said

With the success of the solid-state pump controls at Sancella, demand from other clients has seen Sealing Systems develop and fit conversion kits to each of the pneumatically controlled pump models.

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