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SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System from Sealing Solutions

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The SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System increases the coefficient of friction between cartons by over 300% by applying a polymer, (non-adhesive) in a precisely controlled pattern. This negates the need for the application of additional plastic wrap and provides extra pallet stability.    

In other words, The SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System produces a low volume, low pressure pattern which produces a large number of small dots. These stop the carton from sliding, as if they were small rubber feet.  

Major Benefits of the SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System:  

  • No Transfer -  The polymer is applied to the top of cartons and does not transfer to other cartons or surfaces.  
  • Re-Stackable - The anti-skid properties remain effective when cartons are re-stacked. This means there is an ongoing benefit to users who remake or restack pallet loads.  
  • Non-Fibre Tearing - there is no damage to carton surfaces because this is an anti-skid material and not an adhesive.  
  • Increased Load Stability – which helps eliminate plastic wrap.    
  • Environmentally Friendly - The polymer is a water-based product, which makes it easy and safe to use. The SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System also reduces the use of shrink wrap.  
  • Low Coating Weights – This increases efficiency and reduces the costs of palletising.    
  • Approved - Complies with Grocery Association guidelines for load stabilisation  

The SS2000 Pallet Stabilisation System is available from Sealing Systems .

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