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Australian glue module guarantees savings

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article image The 200XL glue module from Sealing Systems.

AN Australian design innovation promises to deliver impressive savings in glue module costs. The new 200XL module developed by Melbourne's Sealing Systems is expected to offer much longer replacement intervals than offered by older systems, and is less costly to produce.

Conventional modules cut off adhesive flow when a steel ball rests on a tungsten carbide seat. During service trials, Sealing Systems discovered the hardness differential in the two materials is the most common cause of failure.

Because steel is much softer than tungsten carbide, wear and any abrasive action naturally degrades the ball first, leading to drip and leaking.

The second factor affecting glue module life was found to be inherent in traditional seal design. The filled Teflon seals are vulnerable to char and abrasive wear.

To overcome the two design limitations, Sealing Systems has developed a new needle and seat combination and an innovative double X seal.

The Sealing Systems double angle needle and seat are produced from two different, yet forgiving materials, which the designers say will renew the seat as it wears, avoiding drip.

The double X seal works as a combined wiper and seal, preventing harmful material from being drawn back through the seal and greatly extending seal life.

Although technically quite different from earlier glue modules, the new Sealing System product is configured to fit all major adhesive gun brands on the Australian market.

Confident of its new technology, Sealing Systems is backing its 200XL modules with a performance guarantee. The locally produced modules also bring cost benefits - exchange units are about 75 per cent of the cost of the major imports.

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