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Adhesive pallet packaging system

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article image Slipstik system for securing pallet loads.

SEALING Systems has developed Slipstik, a new system for securing pallet loads that is waste-free, reliable and cost-effective.

Woolworths’ suppliers have been under pressure to find alternatives to traditional pallet securing methods since Woolworths banned hot melt adhesive glue for palletising.

The National Packaging Covenant (NPC) Action Plan’s focus on reducing film used in transport has also had an impact, and has increased the number of companies being forced to seek alternative packing methods. More than 600 companies are signatories to the NPC.

Slipstik uses a proprietary polymer formula and acts differently to PVA glue. Rather than binding boxes together, Slipstik is applied to box tops and dries before the next layer of boxes is added, tripling the coefficient of friction of the box tops and preventing lateral movement of cartons.

Because Slipstik does not bind the boxes together and dries clear, there is no risk of damage to the cartons or their graphics.

Pallet loads are also easier to handle when broken down for picking, both in terms of manual handling and operations. There are no physical bonds to break and boxes can be repalletised using the original coat of Slipstik, avoiding the need to reapply wrapping or glue.

Applied in-line in a fine dot pattern and dry in seconds, Slipstik is suitable for use with automatic palletising machines.

Slipstik is also suitable for temperature-sensitive products. Slipstik brings unimpeded ventilation where the product needs to breathe or be refrigerated and the insulative effect of wrapping can be problematic.

Slipstik leaves no residue on receiving conveyors, distribution centre machinery or retail store shelves.

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