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Sealed Air Cryovac food packaging solutions for the seafood industry

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The Sealed Air Cryovac product range supports the growth of the European fish and seafood industry by providing solutions for innovative pre-packed value-added fish products being sold in the retail market.
Projections by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) show increasing European demand for fish and seafood products. One of the major reasons is the rapidly increasing interest in healthy eating, with fish and seafood responding in a targeted manner to the megatrends of desire for healthy lifestyles, convenience, ethically sourced products and pleasurable indulgence. These express themselves in a widespread demand for convenient yet nutritious food with minimal preparation time, as well as for healthy snacking products.
The Sealed Air Cryovac range offers packaging solutions for fresh, frozen, smoked, processed and cooked fish and seafood products. The Cryovac range includes barrier shrink films, vacuum and MAP packaging, and cook-in-the-pack options.
Key packaging criteria for fish and seafood include convenience, food safety, visual appeal and sustainability.

In order to keep pace with increasing demand for fish and seafood, packaging providers have to achieve totally new levels of convenience in the solutions offered.
Sealed Air offers a unique solution that achieves the objective of creating packaging, which doubles as a cooking utensil. Cryovac Simple Steps is a microwavable solution, perfect for the easy cooking of fresh and frozen fish and seafood dishes. Added practicality for the consumer is assured by a film that is easily opened after cooking with no need for puncturing, while providing the retailer vertical display possibilities.
The Cryovac Oven Ease ovenable bags represent the perfect means of shipping and cooking ready-to-cook fish rotisserie-style. Suited to easy heating or reheating of fresh or frozen contents without intermediate handling via hot air, steam, water or microwave, the bags can withstand cooking temperatures of up to 200ºC for two hours or 190ºC for four hours.
Cryovac n’Oven is an innovative foam CPET tray and film for fish-based ready meals, allowing their cooking in both microwave and conventional ovens. This solution is ideal for individuals with limited time and/or cooking expertise.
Food Safety

Strict European health and safety regulations govern the packaging of fish and seafood products with Sealed Air dedicated to the development of packaging solutions that meet and surpass retail and consumer expectations.
The Cryovac Darfresh Flex/Flex+ roll concept represents super-light packaging for individually packed portions of chilled, frozen, raw and processed fish. Ideal for hassle-free home freezing, these solutions enable the economical use of individual portions, integrate secure sealing to avoid unhygienic dripping and also allow easy opening, delivering both convenience and safety.
Alternatively, Darfresh Bloom combines vacuum skin sealing and modified atmosphere packaging, adding considerable value to retailing efficiency.
Visually Appealing Packaging
Fish packaging has to eradicate all potential barriers such as unattractive appearance and unpleasant smells, by transforming the entire process into an experience with sensuous appeal and an easily reachable, beneficial outcome.
The Cryovac BDF Soft system consists of new generation anti-fog, shrink barrier film, often incorporating the Sealed Air innovative easy-opening mechanism. Designed for the attractive presentation of fresh fish products such as steaks and fillets, the solution eliminates risk of odour and liquid leakage, while assuring minimum tray distortion. While the consumer gets the advantage of colour and flavour retention, the retailer benefits from the store-wrapped look, shelf life of up to eight days and diverse printed branding and information possibilities.
New generation Cryovac high barrier anti-fog lid films make a major contribution to freshness with their excellent sealability, affording maximum product visibility as a result of their clarity and glossy finish. This simultaneously leads to cleaner shelves for retailers, improving the overall appeal of their stock.
The state-of-the-art Cryovac Darfresh machine integrating positive lip-forming design with optimised material thickness gives the impression of a rigid pre-made tray to reinforce the vital message of convenience for the fish and seafood products.
Cryovac Slicepak is a high-tech MAP system for enhanced freshness integrity with vertical display versatility.

Sealed Air attaches equal importance to all aspects of the lifecycle in the development of its packaging solutions. Sealed Air packaging solutions meet immediate ecological demands through lightness and material selection, plus energy-conserving manufacture, contributing significantly to the big environmental picture by eliminating unnecessary secondary packaging and identifying opportunities to use recycled or renewable content.
Cryovac New Gen Darfresh top webs for example, offer a 30% weight reduction over predecessor products together with a vacuum and high oxygen barrier for long shelf life, making them ideal for fish products.
The FDA-approved Cryovac HP2700 shrink bags with their high oxygen transmission rate (10k OTR) are tailored to the needs of bulk packaging fresh tuna loins and other fish fillets.
Cryovac Packaging and Cryovac Food Solutions are business units of the Sealed Air Corporation, offering innovative flexible and rigid packaging materials and systems for the food industry. Sealed Air Australia represents the Group’s interests in Australia.

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