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Jowa chooses Sealed Air Cryovac BDF shrink barrier film to package Italian recipe pizzas

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article image Italian recipe pizza packaged in Cryovac BDF shrink barrier film
Jowa AG chose the new generation Cryovac BDF anti-fog, shrink barrier film from Sealed Air to package an innovative range of Italian recipe pizzas for a leading supermarket chain.
Jowa wanted to ensure freshness and convenience when they set out to supply Migros with Italian recipe pizzas for its popular Anna’s Best line. A key challenge lay in the packaging of the pizzas with their hand-placed toppings, which had to ensure that the cooked result offered the delicious combination of crispy crust and the light dough texture available in fine Italian pizzerias.
Jowa collaborated with Sealed Air to use Cryovac BDF anti-fog, shrink barrier film for the packaging of the pizzas. The new Anna’s Best pizza range is achieving an excellent sales volume, perfectly fulfilling the growing demand for easily prepared food, containing top quality ingredients and with uncompromised taste.
The Cryovac packaging solution has delivered several benefits to Jowa including visual appeal of the clear film that draws customers to the Italian pizzas. The tautness of the shrink barrier film not only effectively eliminates any risk of fogging but also holds delicious topping elements such as Italian cherry tomatoes and Mozzarella balls firmly in place.
Heike Zimmermann, Head of Communication at Jowa AG explained that the company wanted to create a pizza that tasted the same at home as it would have in an Italian restaurant. The initial response of Migros customers indicates that this goal has been reached.
Key benefits for Jowa from Cryovac shrink barrier film:
  • Savings of 55 tonnes of packaging film
  • Packaging solution capable of running on one line for different pizza shapes and sizes with minimal changes
  • Longer shelf life due to hermetic sealing and high-barrier characteristics
  • Beautiful packaging design increases visual appeal of contents
Cryovac BDF protective film is available in Australia from Sealed Air Australia .

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