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The advantages of paper pallets

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THE problem with a wooden pallet is that, even if it can be treated to make it compliant with strict ISPM 15, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a treated pallet and a non-treated one.

When the shipment arrives in a foreign land, and the customs officer has a problem determining the pallet's compliance, the pallet, and the product as well, may be quarantined (at high fee), or may even be refused entry. Some countries charge inspection fees for all wooden pallets.

The use of paper pallets avoids the export restrictions on wooden pallets, and reduces delays for shipping to foreign countries. Paper pallets save money and time, and no fumigation or certification is required.

The Scotch Group paper pallet is lightweight - approximately 10kg lighter than a wooden pallet. This is particularly useful for air freight which is charged on weight. It is also ideal for one way non-returnable. For sea freight, it means a higher cargo weight.

Features include:

* Easy DIY assembling at or near the end user.

* Portable.

* Saves warehouse space.

* Custom-made. Can be designed for specific applications.

* Ability to maximize truck space by using pallets that are the exact size required.

* Easy to customise sizes and other needs.

* High strength up to 1.0 ton.

Paper pallets have no nails, splinters, indentations, or protrusions to injured workers, or damage the product. They are safe for workers and help with OH&S compliance. Thus reducing lost time injuries, workers and damaged goods compensation.

The pallets are safe for food, and are hygienic with no risk of toxic contamination or unwanted smell. They are suitable for use with food and pharmaceuticals and work well in any "clean room" environment.

Selecting the right pallet

There are five basic interactive parameters that determine pallet suitability for a given application. These parameters are Strength, Stiffness, Durability, Functionality, and Purchase Price. These parameters are interactive, and optimising just one (i.e. minimising price) will impact on the others.

The proper balance of these parameters will vary, depending on the specific product and distribution environments. They hold true regardless of the pallet material used.

For example, Stiffness is the resistance of the pallet to deformation under load. Sometimes a pallet won't break under load, but is not stiff enough to protect the product or prevents proper handling.

Many pallets are strong enough to support the load weight, yet they create pressure points that cause package and product failure. For example, saving $1 on a pallet with thinner panels/decks often requires every corrugated box stacked on that pallet to be stronger to resist damage.

Price is an important design criterion, and often given more consideration that the other factors. This leads to pallet designs that look economical up front, but end up "costing" much more as they are used. Balance the price of the pallet versus the value of the product delivered without damage to the customer. Balance the price versus potential savings in packaging and material handling savings.

These five parameters are interactive, and optimising just one will significantly impact the others. The better your understanding of this interactive balance, the more likely you are to select the ideal pallet material and design for your product and material handling environment.

Why Botac paper pallet

Only the best and selected 100% recycle paper from five different grades is used, expertly designed and meticulously processed to give maximum Strength, Stiffness, Durability, Functionality and Value.

Each set of Paper pallet is individually inspected for perfection. Rejected pallets are destroyed.

Botac Paper pallet is designed with Strength, Stiffness, Durability, Functionality and Purchase Price in mind. The end result is the most economical pallet that will safely support the load under the required conditions.

Paper Pallet are a viable costs saving alternative. They are hugely popular with shippers and forwarders alike as they are exempted from the new import regulations and prohibitive treatment costs levied on wooden pallets.

Botac® is the trademark of Scotch Group Australia. Headquartered in Australia, with factories in Asia under stringent quality control, the Scotch Group provides superior quality at competitive prices.

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