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BOTAC paper pallet is preferred over Conventional Corrugated Paper pallet, according to the Scotch Group .

There are many problems with Conventional Corrugated Paper Pallets. For instance, corrugated paper pallets are highly susceptible to moisture problems. This results in the common problem of peeling of the paper pallets.

Peeling of paper means the flutes or "holes" of the pallet are exposed and may therefore be a good breeding ground for microscopic insects or larvae. One bad pallet may easily spoil the rest of the consignment.

Moisture problems also mean that corrugated pallets run the risk of mould growth. If insects or mould are found when a shipment reaches the other side, the following may occur:

o Hold-up of consignment in the quarantine

o Re-fumigation charges

o Rejection of total shipment

o Having the entire shipment destroyed

Any one of the consequences will cost money and may cost managers serious inconvenience.

Construction of pallet is weak since the "leg" or base of the pallet is only glued to the board. Even with glue, the paper pallet can only be as strong as the outer layer of the paper.

Botac’s "100% compressed paper pallet" is "air-tight" and promises to solve all the headaches associated with conventional paper pallets.

Its tongue and groove design will be able to withstand even the rough warehouse handling situation. This means the quality condition of the pallet will remain the same even after 5 weeks in the container shipment..

Botac Pallets says it is the only wood-like pallet made of paper. It is tested with strengths up to 1.0 ton.

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