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Scitek to distribute MBraun solvent purification systems in Australia and New Zealand

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article image MBraun SPS Auto solvent purification system

Scitek Australia  will distribute MBraun’s range of solvent purification solutions in Australia and New Zealand.  

MBraun of Germany manufactures high performance solvent purification systems as a safe alternative to thermal distillation and sodium tablet drying methods.  

Thermal distillation poses high fire risks resulting from the use of open heating mantles or hotplates at high temperature whilst evaporating flammable solvents. Wrong use of sodium can also lead to uncontrolled reactions.  

The MBraun SPS solvent purification systems operate by safely removing moisture and oxygen in unique drying columns whilst under nitrogen or argon atmosphere. They can dry large solvent quantities of up to 800l per column charge.  

While the solvents are safely dispensed into storage flasks, fumes are extracted through the extraction hood, with the built-in safety tray collecting any spillage. All plumbing components are fully enclosed.  

The SPS system can be fitted onto a glovebox to prevent re-contamination of the used solvents, especially in highly challenging environments.  

MBraun SPS solvent purification systems are available in three models:  

  • SPS Compact is a personal benchtop purification station for purification of one solvent
  • SPS purifies up to 7 solvents stored in the inbuilt safety cabinet
  • Auto-SPS is a fully automated solvent purifier with US patent
All MBraun solvent purification systems sold in Australia and New Zealand include solvent storage cabinets compliant with the European standard DIN EN 14470-1. These cabinets can withstand a temperature increase of 180ºK for over 90 minutes and also feature a solvent spillage sump.

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