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SalvisLab Vacucenter vacuum drying ovens available from Scitek Australia

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article image Vacucenter VC 50 vacuum drying oven

Available from Scitek Australia , SalvisLab Vacucenter is a new generation of vacuum drying ovens designed for gentle yet fast drying of oxidation-sensitive or thermally instable products.   

Vacucenter vacuum drying ovens find application in drying of biological samples, soil samples, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food samples as well as technical products such as electronic or vacuum technology components.  

Designed for user-friendly set-up and operation, Vacucenter vacuum drying ovens feature an integrated process controller that takes users through the simple steps of setting the required process parameters.  

Key features of Vacucenter vacuum drying ovens:  

  • Temperature control from ambient to 200ºC with 0.2ºC accuracy
  • Vacuum levels down to 1mbar easily possible
  • Unique pressure safety system with door safety catch and double-glazed safety glass in the door
  • Heating without vacuum can be deactivated for further sample and user protection
  • All heaters automatically switched off when the oven door is opened
  • Internal oven surfaces made from high-grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning
  • Anodised aluminium shelves for superior heat transfer
  • Integrated programming of complex ramps possible
  • PID and fuzzy logic to control temperature, time and optional vacuum levels
  • 50 programs with up to 15 steps and 999 minutes process time can be stored
  • Bi-directional RS 232C interface allows data logging
  • Optional STS software CRF 22 Part 11 compliant to ensure GLP, GMP and FDA/TGA conformity
  • Two models with square box chambers of 20L and 50L volume

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