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Following fast processes in cells requires fast technology and an intelligent microscope to keep track of what is happening. The iMIC 2000 Digital Microscope from TILL Photonics is a fast, precisely controlled scientific imaging platform. The iMIC 2000 digital microscope has been engineered specifically to keep up with the ever-increasing pace at which scientific discoveries are made.

Fully automated and digitally driven, the user-programmable iMIC 2000 digital microscope performs tasks quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Its high-speed focus easily follows fast processes, not only saving time but safeguarding sensitive biological specimens from phototoxicity and bleaching.

The iMIC 2000 digital microscope has a fully motorized digital imaging platform, ideally suited for software controlled, automated screening, laser scanning and PC-based microscopy. An innovative, modular architecture provides a unique combination of advanced fluorescence measurement capabilities for quantitative microscopy. Multiple light sources, filters, and cameras enable this state-of-the-art digital microscope to perform different measurements and imaging experiments simultaneously. Perform TIRF, FRET, FRAP all in one unit.

For live-cell imaging, the iMIC’s flexible hardware and software architecture provides automation to control environmental conditions, complex experiments and rapid, reliable operation for high throughput.


• iMIC - integrated stage
In the iMIC digital microscope, the stage is seamlessly integrated into the microscope, in fact it is a part of it. This unique feature provides a clean, smooth surface and facilitates the addition of accessories for electrophysiology, microinjection and fluidics.

• iMIC - objective carousel
The objective lens is the central part of a microscope, so we have placed it in the center of iMIC digital microscope. It sticks out when in use and retracts otherwise. The way this is achieved has yet another advantage: it provides a new degree of water protection.

• iMIC - focus drive
The iMIC digital microscope, focuses with the highest possible speed and precision, thanks to the novel one-for-all nanodrive. It combines a piezo-element having 250 μ m of fine travel with 25 mm of coarse movement. The drive assembly is connected only to the selected central objective lens, and it disengages while objectives are being switched.

• iMIC - beam multiplexer
Beamsplitter cubes usually separate beams into three directions. The novel TILL octo-cube beam multiplexer has the potential for up to eight! Depending on its configuration, one can select two vertical and up to six horizontal directions and steer them towards objective and sample.

• iMIC - beam hub concept
The beam multiplexer concept can also be utilized to distribute light from the sample between several different detector modules such as CCD cameras or PMTs, to switch tube lenses or to change magnifications. This additional level of versatility requires stacking what we call beam hubs. The number of multiplexer elements per beam hub is virtually unlimited; in a standard configuration it is three. 

The iMIC 2000 digital microscopes are available from Scitech .

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