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SCITECH Pty Ltd has released Andor's lucaEM camera. The lucaEM is the latest Electron Multiplying CCD innovation, a highly cost-effective yet powerful camera making EMCCD available to every laboratory.

lucaEM represents a new performance standard in 'workhorse' cameras. Operate gain off for conventional CCD operation under brighter conditions - turn on the EM gain when the photons become scarce.

lucaEM DL658M-C0-TIL uses a VGA-format interline frame transfer EMCCD sensor, providing single photon detection sensitivity and unrestrained QE at rapid frame rates, in a TE cooled, USB 2.0 camera platform.

Andor's new linear and quantitative EM gain control offers enhanced user-friendliness, setting a new precedent in day-to-day EMCCD use.

The lucaEM has many applications across variable grades of light. It is adaptable to relatively bright and extreme low light, dynamic samples.

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