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Scitech to exhibit at BioPhysChem 2011 Conference

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Scitech  plans to showcase key product developments at the upcoming BioPhysChem 2011 Conference in Wollongong, NSW.  

Scheduled to be held at the University of Wollongong from 3rd to 6th December, 2011, the BioPhysChem 2011 Conference is a joint meeting of the RACI Physical Chemistry Division and the Australian Society for Biophysics.  

The Conference will bring together scientists from a range of disciplines to showcase research developments while providing a collegial atmosphere for scientific exchange.  

Scitech will be exhibiting key product developments at BioPhysChem 2011:  

  • The Nanowizard 3 from JPK Instruments, a high resolution and highly flexible AFM designed for both Life Science and NanoScience applications  
  • The JPK NanoTracker, an Optical Tweezer system, which can track particles in 3D space and measure interactive forces between particles down to picoNewtons
  • New ultra low cost TT-AFM atomic force microscopes for researchers with low budgets
  • NanoIR combines AFM with IR spectroscopy and temperature measurement, with a resolution of 100 nm
  • The Nanoink NLP2000 and DPN5000, DPN instruments for Nanofabrication applications
  • CellZscope from NanoAnalytics measures the impedance of barrier-forming cell cultures grown on permeable membranes
  • The compact Till iMic inverted digital microscopes for high end microscopy applications
  • The Andor range of CCD, EMCCD, InGas and sCMOS cameras for spectroscopy and high end microscopy, super resolution and confocal applications

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