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Scitech releases new 3D interactive analysis and visualisation software

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Imaris, the 3D interactive analysis and visualisation software application from Bitplane is now available from Scitech.

Imaris provides a complete set of features for working with 3D, multi-channel images. You can conveniently load, process, and visualise images in any widely accepted image format to gain new insight from your microscopic data.

You can communicate your results convincingly with an advanced movie generator and image export features. Combining speed, precision and ease-of-use, no other software gives you so much control at so many levels.

The Imaris interface has been carefully designed for scientists who want to spend their time doing research, not mastering their imaging software.

Bitplane has also created specific modules to address real-world issues in the life sciences. Imaris and its companion modules ImarisTime, Imaris MeasurementPro and ImarisColoc, provide an impressive range of statistical features and options to deliver a 3D imaging software suite.

Imaris features:

Time: For time series data, a simple to use time-slider extends all 3D functionality to 3D + time. Imaris memory management and caching mechanisms allow to process large datasets and achieve good visualisation performance.

Spots: Spherical models of objects can be created automatically as well as manually. These Spots can be visualised together with any of the other available objects and they are useful for particle tracking.

IsoSurface: The IsoSurface applies an intensity threshold to the data any channel to create a model of the data that is visualised as a solid surface. The IsoSurface can be combined with any of the other available visualisations to produce perfect pictures.

Clipping plane: The clipping plane can be used to cut a full surface or volume rendered image at any angle. The manipulator can be turned off so that the final image can be rotated or animated.

Calibration: Calibration enables the user to display a grid behind a 3D image to provide information about the size of its structures. The image axis can also be displayed to simplify orientation of the data set.

Animation: The keyframe animator gives you the power to create stunning movies in a breeze.

Topography: The topography object lets you visualise a 2D image as a landscape.

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