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Scitech releases microelectrode amplifiers

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Scitech introduces the new MultiClamp 700B microelectrode amplifiers from Axon Instruments, combining advanced electronics design with an intuitive user interface that simplifies the creation of complex protocols.

A versatile, computer-controlled microelectrode amplifier designed for patch voltage-clamp (resistive-feedback, four ranges) or high-speed current clamp (voltage-follower, three ranges) recording within the same headstage, MultiClamp 700B microelectrode amplifiers offer several automated functions and effective signal conditioning.

MultiClamp 700B microelectrode amplifier is recommended for applications such as high-speed current clamp (sharp-electrode or field potentials), patch clamp (whole-cell, macro-patch, or excised patch), voltammetry/amperometry, ion-selective measurements and bilayer recordings.

New features in the MultiClamp 700B amplifier include internal automatic mode switching, triggered by external signals or the recording itself; oscillation suppression for better cell protection; and slow current injection to compensate for drifting potentials.

Features and functions of the new MultiClamp 700B microelectrode amplifiers include support for up to four headstages, equivalent to four amplifiers in one unit; software control of all amplifier settings for automated optimisation features, reduction of manipulation steps, and convenient, reliable telegraphing; Quick Select Feature recalling up to three saved amplifier configurations for fast, reproducible application switching; Optional SoftPanel for amplifier control using knobs and buttons for a more conventional feel; and integrated seal test in voltage- and current-clamp mode for easy monitoring of membrane and cell health parameters.

Key features also include pipette offset compensation with auto-mode to quickly remove signal offsets; automatic cell capacitance compensation correcting for the capacitance of the cell membrane in whole-cell recordings with a single mouse click; leak subtraction for automatic correction of leak currents with a smart, software-based algorithm; selectable output gain with 11 settings to scale the output signal to the desired level; audio monitor for acoustic tracking of the signal; and fine-tuneable 4-pole Bessel and Butterworth low-pass filters acting as anti-aliasing filters.

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