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Scitech releases COHU 6960 series dual imager positioning security camera system

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Scitech has released the COHU 6960 series dual imager positioning security camera system.

The Cohu 6960 Series offers:
Thermal Camera and Second Option on Integrated Positioner
Efficient design for exact site surveillance requirement
Second position can be camera or IR illuminator
Sealed and pressurised camera housing
Heavy-duty, environmentally-protected positioner

The Bob Series:
Bob gives the ultimate camera site solution in one compact package. Two cameras on one positioner solve daylight, no-light, and obscured visibility conditions. But Cohu takes it one better.  Cohu give a high performance choice. The 6960 Series Bob is designed to make a camera site that works well for the user.

Designed for complete flexibility, the 6960 Series provides a selectable combination of up to two imaging technologies, such as thermal, intensified, extended IR, Day/Night or IR Illumination solutions, integrated onto one remote controlled positioning system.

Each imaging solution can be independently configured for the desired sensor size/type, optical or thermal lens required (as available for the selected camera) and optional accessories (i.e. wiper) to meet the applications specific requirement.

The result is a professional grade surveillance solution, designed for at-risk facilities, where detection under nearly any condition is imperative. Bob provides additional value by using Cohu’s i-Series design for fast and accurate positioning, with the ability to look straight down and in a 360° sweep. Scitech’s legendary sealed and pressurised camera enclosure guarantees a pristine operating environment for reliable operation and long life.

Thermal imaging is good for extreme low light conditions, or environments clouded by haze, rain, smoke, or fog; and also used to detect thermal radiation in process control applications. The users’ second camera can be used for general purpose surveillance or siting. Choose a colour camera for the visual details it provides, or a monochrome camera for its low light sensitivity. 

The software control (GUI) easily integrates into access control or policy-based analytical software.

Applications requiring both visible and/or thermal imaging characteristics include:
High Value Site Protection
Industrial Security / Perimeter Security
Cruise Lines
Power Plants / Water Departments / Reservoirs
Military surveillance / Border Protection

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