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Scitech presents Nanosurf’s FlexAFM atomic force microscope for materials and life science applications

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Scitech  introduces a new range of atomic force microscopes from Nanosurf designed to offer maximum versatility and flexibility in materials and life science research applications.
Nanosurf’s FlexAFM atomic force microscopes allow a large variety of applications to be performed easily across air or liquid environments, materials science or life science applications, or standard imaging or advanced measurement modes.
FlexAFM atomic force microscopes incorporate electromagnetically actuated flexure-based scanner technology that enables metrology like applications even in liquid. SureAlign laser optics eliminates laser adjustment, with the laser beam shift that normally occurs upon immersion into liquid completely absent in the FlexAFM scan head.
As the central part of the AFM detection system, the cantilever holder contains cantilever alignment structures for exact cantilever positioning and all optics related to Nanosurf’s top and side view technology. It is magnetically attached to the scanner unit to allow quick removal from the scan head for easy cleaning and fast cantilever exchange. Four cantilever holder models are currently available, each optimised for its own specific task.
An optional FlexAFM video camera offers a colour view of the sample and cantilever, enables easy sample positioning and approach, and offers adjustable illumination as well as simultaneous top and side view.
Key features of FlexAFM atomic force microscopes: 
  • Flat and linear scanning thanks to the flexure-based scanner technology
  • True flexibility with exchangeable cantilever holders optimised for specialised tasks:
    • Cantilever Holder Air Only: AFM measurements in air only
    • Cantilever Holder Liquid/Air: AFM measurements in air and liquid
    • Cantilever Holder Scanning Thermal: Scanning thermal microscopy
    • Cantilever Holder FluidFM: Fluid Force Microscopy applications
  • More measurement versatility with the AFM’s scanning capabilities in liquid and its additional measurement modes:
    • Lateral Force Microscopy
    • Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
    • Scanning Thermal Microscopy
    • Fluid Force Microscopy
  • Compatible with inverted microscopes:
    • Provides seamless integration with many types of inverted microscopes
    • Readily combines AFM and optical data (fluorescence/ phase contrast/ bright field)
Options and Accessories

  • FlexAFM Inverted Microscope Option
  • FlexAFM Thermal Measurement Options
  • Electrochemistry Option
  • FlexAFM Video Camera
  • Nanosurf Isostage
  • Acoustic Enclosure 300/500
  • Environmental Control Chamber
  • Small Sample Heater
  • FlexAFM Micrometer Translation Stage

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