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Scitech introduces WormLab worm tracking software from MBF Bioscience

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Scitech  introduces WormLab from MBF Bioscience, an advanced software for tracking and analysing C. elegans and other worms.
Featuring a powerful model-specific tracking algorithm behind a user-friendly interface, the software helps the user collect data about a single worm or multiple worms, even through omega bends, reversals and entanglements. 
WormLab works with video files created within the program, or with another software program. MBF can provide any hardware needed for a complete system.
The tracking data is presented in a multi-tabbed table format, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel or copied to any other application. Frame-by-frame detail data is provided for each worm track as well as track summary data.
WormLab worm tracking software analysis output:

  • Worm Position (Head, midpoint and tail) frame-by-frame
  • CenterLine Points (variable resolution, selected by user)
  • Speed (instantaneous and moving average)
  • Body Area
  • Body Wavelength
  • Track Length
  • Direction
  • Body Bending Angles
  • Head Bending Angle
  • Omega Bend Detection
  • Reversal Detection
Key features of WormLab worm tracking software:

  • Enables multiple worm tracking from video files
  • Tracks selected worms, or all worms in the frame
  • Tracks worms through entanglements and overlap
  • Tracks at high, medium, or low magnification
  • Advanced worm model with peristaltic progression movement including elongation
  • Multiple-hypothesis tracking for improved worm tracking
  • Discriminates between head and tail using both curvature and motion direction
  • Selective viewing of worm outlines, midpoints, tracks, and head/tail markers
  • Built-in workflow makes it easy to run WormLab and gather data efficiently
  • Loads video files from disk or directly from a connected camera with optional camera control

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