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Scitech introduces TILL Photonic’s Intravital2P two photon microscope

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TILL Photonic’s Intravital2P two photon microscope available from Scitech is an upright two-photon laser scan­ning microscope specifically created for imaging of living tissues and animals at low laser power.
The microscope frame is designed around a very short, large diameter dual-emission detection beam path. Collecting lenses further increases the share of light that falls onto the GaAsP detectors, which are hand selected for >40% quantum efficien­cy and very low noise and dark current. The resulting signal detection perfor­mance facilitates imaging at low light lev­els and greatly improves signal-to-noise ratio, allowing fast measurements deep within highly scattering tissue.
A dual-colour, non-descanned detection system and the three-position motorised filter slider help achieve imaging in up to six separate colour channels.
Purpose-designed for intravital work, Intravital2P two photon microscopes feature a robust motorised XY stage, which is insensitive to liquid spill while its modular design allows everything from slides to large rodents to be imaged.
The stone

The unique optical design of TILL's Intravital2P sets a new benchmark in light collection efficiency for two photon microscopy with the imaging platform providing a very compact dual non-descanned detection (NDD) beam path for high collection efficiency in both channels.
The very short beam path is realised by embedding all components in a tempered mineral cast, which is basically an artificial stone with the cast manufactured in free 3D shapes with very high precision. High stability, negligible heat expansion and vibration dampening are some of the attributes of the stone. The stone is shaped to allow close positioning of the detectors and back-aperture of the objective, which is the key to efficient light collection in two-photon microscopy.
Dual colour detection

The dual detector design is ideal for intravital work as two detectors allow imaging in two colours simultaneously. Use of the motorised slider with up to three dichroic-mirror/filter combinations enables detection of fluorescence in up to six colour channels. Additionally, two or more detectors are required for FRET-measurements and for calcium imaging with ratiometric- or FRET-dyes.
Built-in Yanus laser scanner
The Yanus digital scan head is a logical choice for high-end laser scanning two photon microscopes as it achieves faster frame rates than competing galvo scanners with greater precision and larger usable parameter space, enabling excellent quality in all kinds of scan fields. The benefit is exceptional scan quality with homogenous two photon excitation in very large scan fields.
Key features of Intravital2P two photon microscopes:

  • Upright imaging platform with light-sealed enclo­sure
  • High light collection efficiency permits imaging with low laser power
  • Simultaneous dual-colour non-descanned detec­tion beam path
  • Compact and easy-to-use multiphoton imaging platform based on rock solid mineral casting
  • LabView-based open source software Colibri
  • Nikon 25x objective with N/A 1.1 and 2.0mm W.D.
  • Yanus digital scan head allows free scan modes in fields of up to 880μm diameter at 25x magnification
  • Pixel dwell time adjustable in 250ns steps
  • VoiceCoil z-drive excursion of 7.5mm with 20nm resolution, response time <10ms for 500nm step
  • Two GaAsP PMT detector modules hand selected for >40% QE
  • Up to 6 filter sets for EPI-fluorescence imaging
  • Fully motorised dichro sliders and XY stage
  • LED and camera for wide-field EPI-fluorescence
  • MCU power and real-time control unit

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