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Scitech introduces Neo sCMOS Cameras

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Scitech  presents the revolutionary Neo cameras featuring the breakthrough Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor technology from Andor Technology.  

The cameras find application in fluorescence microscopy, multi-channel microscopy, cell microscopy and astronomy as well as ultra-low light and medium light applications.  

The Neo sCMOS range of cameras simultaneously offers ultra-low noise, extremely fast frame rates, wide dynamic range, high resolution and a large field of view.  

Neo sCMOS cameras offer an exceptionally low read noise of 1 e- RMS without the need for signal amplification technology. The cameras are capable of reaching speeds of 100 frames per second with full frame readout. These speeds can be uniquely coupled in Neo to a dynamic range of 25,000:1 with 16-bit digitization.  

Performance features in the Neo sCMOS cameras include extensive ‘on-head’ FPGA data processing capability, deep TE cooling to -40ºC, 4 GB storage memory and a data flow monitor.  

Andor’s UltraVac vacuum process is incorporated to offer the necessary deep cooling capability while protecting the sensor and maximum photon throughput. These capabilities help drive superior performance, image quality and reliability from sCMOS technology.  

Key features of Neo sCMOS cameras: 

  • 1 e- read noise enables lower detection limit than any CCD
  • 5.5 megapixel sensor format delivers extremely sharp resolution over a 22mm diagonal field of view
  • Rapid frame rates of 100 fps full frame, 208 fps @ 1.4 megapixel ROI, 1688 fps @ 144 x 128 ROI offer unparalleled temporal resolution
  • TE cooling to -40ºC minimises dark current to maintain low noise advantage under all exposure conditions
  • UltraVac enables sustained vacuum integrity and unequalled cooling with 5-year warranty
  • Dual-Gain Amplifiers offer maximum well depth and low noise simultaneously, enabling extended dynamic range of 30,000:1
  • 4 GB on-head image buffer enables bursts of 100 frames/sec @ 16-bit, facilitating advanced data processing
  • Extensive FPGA on-head data processing ensures high image quality and quantitative fidelity from sCMOS technology
  • Single window design with double AR coating ensures maximum photon throughput
  • Rolling and global shutter enables maximum exposure and readout flexibility across all applications
  • High quantum efficiency optimised for popular green/red emitting fluorophores
  • Data flow monitor manages acquisition capture rates efficiently
  • iCam market-leading exposure switching feature with minimal overheads
  • Dynamic Baseline Clamp ensures quantitative accuracy across the image area and between successive images of a kinetic series
  • Spurious noise filter, a real-time FPGA filter that identifies and compensates for spurious high noise pixels
  • Comprehensive trigger modes and I/O communication and synchronisation within intricate experimental set-ups
  • Cameralink interface allows high bandwidth data spooling to PC, enabling fast continuous kinetic series

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