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Scitech fills hardness testing gap with automated nano-indentation technology

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Scitech introduces the new N3 line of material measurement instruments from NanoVea, dedicated to providing high-end measurement technology to the broader market.

The N3 line is led by the M3, a technological breakthrough that addresses two distinct gaps in the hardness testing market. To begin with, the M3 combines three factors - nanometer range, controlled load and depth, and a competitive price - to provide universities and smaller R&D units, affordable nano-indentation capability. The M3 also introduces an entirely new user capability within this price range, providing affordable access to quick and easy nano-indentation results under ASTM standard.

Secondly, the M3 offers next generation technology to replace the traditional Visual Micro Vickers hardness testers that have not changed in more than 15 years. To achieve this, the indentation method has been made fully automated with no need to visually observe the indent that eliminates user error or problems with image recognition software, which may have issues with material colour and texture.

In addition to achieving lower load, this new technology will also work on thin coatings and all ranges of materials including ceramics, polymers and metals. Key features of the M3 line include fully automated system with a touch screen start to give automatic average of multiple measurements in minutes; compact and fully contained unit with only one standard electrical cable to connect; and ideal replacement for older Micro Vickers testers currently used in industrial high throughput quality control environments.

The M3 represents a new affordable hardness testing technology that provides measurement capability earlier used specifically in high end research. The price factor had kept nano-indentation capability out of the reach of the broader market still using standard hardness testing equipment.

The M3 is only one of three new products from NanoVea's new N3 line, with the others including the P3 and the T3. The P3 is a significant advancement with 3D non-contact metrology, providing automatic nanometer ISO roughness and step data on nearly any material. The T3 was developed to provide quick, easy and affordable access to high end measurement capability. The T3 is an automatic nano wear tester using linear reciprocating, ASTM g133, for wear rate study.

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