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Scitech develops compact lens-coupled image intensifiers

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Scitech introduces the TRiCATT (Time-Resolved Intensified Camera Attachment) from Lambert Instruments, a compact lens-coupled image intensifier for scientific and industrial applications that require low-light level imaging, ultra-short exposures through fast gating, and frequency-domain imaging using lock-in detection.

Featuring an 18mm or 25mm image intensifier with a highly efficient relay lens that can be matched to any CCD or CMOS camera, the TRiCATT offers a flexible solution that can easily be integrated in an existing imaging system.

Considered one of the most suitable choices for ultra-fast imaging in the time domain and/or frequency domain, the TRiCATT, with a wide range of Gen II and Gen III image intensifiers, offers high sensitivity down to single photon level and the optimal spec¬tral bandwidth for the application.

The TRiCATT is available in different models covering a range in spectral sensitivity, phosphor, spatial resolution, gain, linearity, minimum gate width and gating frequency. For time-domain imaging, the intensifier is equipped with a fast gate unit (TRiCATT G40n/G2n) that enables the intensifier to operate as an elec¬tro-optical shutter. The gate unit can be operated up to repetition rates of up to 2.5 MHz in burst.

A series of different intensifier control units provide functionality ranging from analogue gain control to full digital control including an internal trigger generator and programmable gate trains. For frequency-domain imaging the TRiCATT M supports gain modulation of 120 MHz (standard) and higher (external signal generator). Modulation is provided by a single-chip digital synthesiser to ensure an extremely low phase noise.

The TRiCATT finds application in: Time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy; Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV); Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF); Time-gated luminescence; Fluorescence Lifetime-Imaging Microscopy (FLIM); Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET); Oxygen imaging; Viscosity imaging; Single-molecule imaging; Bio- and Chemiluminescence imaging; Solar PV and LED characterisation; Combustion; Time-gated Raman; Plasma physics; and X-ray imaging.

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