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SciTech introduces new QImaging Retiga-4000RV CCD digital camera

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The new QImaging Retiga-4000RV CCD digital camera, available from SciTech, has been specially engineered for low-light, high-dynamic-range applications. 

An 80,000e-full well capacity, combined with a three-stage Peltier device using an all-metal, hermetic-vacuum-sealed CCD chamber, provides extreme dynamic range for applications such as chemiluminescence, live-cell imaging, and fluorescence. The camera’s software-selectable regulated cooling enables precise control in single-degree increments down to -30 °C. 

The Retiga-4000RV features a 4-megapixel CCD, 12-bit digital output, and an IEEE 1394 interface for enhanced connectivity and noise-shielding performance. The FireWire digital interface facilitates easy camera installation; only a single wire is required to connect each camera to a computer or laptop. The expense, installation problems and inconvenience associated with framegrabbers and bulky external power supplies are eliminated! 

Additionally, the camera comes with iGlo technology, which features an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display that provides users with key information about camera settings in a convenient, ergonomic way. 

The Retiga 4000RV comes with QCapture Software for high speed performance preview and capture functions and will operate on both Windows and Mac based systems. The new cameras can be seamlessly integrated with all leading life science and industrial software packages to provide high-performance imaging capabilities for microscope, machine vision and video streaming applications. 

For High Dynamic low light fluorescence and Polarisation applications: 
* Quantitative Fluorescence Imaging 
* Live-Cell Imaging 
* Semiconductor Inspection 
* Chemiluminescence 
* Particle Tracking 
* LCD Inspection



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