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Scitech  introduces the new PCI data acquisition boards from Microstar Laboratories.
The new DAP 5000a PCI data acquisition boards are suitable for applications that need Pentium-powered real-time processing under Windows. Even at maximum sampling rates, the combination of a fast processor with low latency allows computation in real-time between samples in addition to on-time response for control applications.
The DAP 5000a can acquire 14-bit data at up to 800k samples per second, and can convert 833k values per second on each of the two onboard analogue outputs.
In process control applications, the system must respond to data as quickly as possible. The onboard DAPL operating system enables users to adjust the task scheduling interval down to a 0.1 ms task time quantum, which means that a single task will run for no more than 0.1 ms before DAPL switches to another task.
Key features of the DAP 5000a PCI data acquisition boards:

  • Onboard 233 MHz Intel Pentium processor
  • 32M of DRAM onboard memory
  • Compatible with other a-Series boards
  • PCI host interface
  • High speed data transfers to the host PC – up to 1666k samples per second
  • Allows fast real-time processing
  • Low latency – 0.1 ms task time quantum for fast response
  • Samples or updates the digital section at up to 1.66 million values per second
  • Provides 14-bit A/D converter resolution
  • Samples analogue inputs at up to 800k samples per second
  • Updates analogue outputs at up to 833k samples per second
  • Expandable analogue and digital inputs/outputs
  • Complies with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC

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