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PALLITE VIII continuous, high illuminance floodlights, available from Scitech

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Now available from Scitech , the PALLITE VIII is a continuous, high illuminance ring-shaped floodlight specifically designed for industrial and scientific high speed image recording applications.

The PALLITE VIII floodlight features an incandescent ringling design that keeps light on the optical axis for shadowless lighting, thus providing maximum light for confined areas. The PALLITE VIII also permits lighting and shooting through a mirror into an otherwise inaccessible location.

The PALLITE VIII continuous high illuminance floodlight utilises projection lamps with integral dichroic glass reflectors which reflect visible light, but transmit infrared radiation thus producing a relatively cool light source. Four different light levels can be achieved with the four toggle switches at the rear of the PALLITE VIII.

Although the PALLITE VIII floodlight requires a maximum of 24 amps, it can be used from ordinary electrical outlets of 15 amps because the total input is provided by two separate cords which can be connected to separate electrical outlets and circuits.

The PALLITE VIII floodlight is ideally suitable for high speed image recording, industrial photography, and general photography within 1 to 2 metres requiring large area, very high continuous illumination, without shadows.

Key features of the PALLITE VIII continuous, high illuminance floodlight include:

  • designed for industrial (not studio) environments 
  • very high illuminance level, 100,000 lux at 3 feet, 8" diameter spot
  • camera lens port on axis of illumination 
  • wide area of source eliminates shadows 
  • ringlight construction
  • maximum power 2400W of quartz halogen light at 3350K
  • maximum illumination 100,000 lux or 10,000 footcandles at 91cm
  • temperature of less than 71ºC after ten minutes at subject
  • area of max illumination, 61cm diameter at 91cm distance 
  • four different power levels controllable with toggle switches 600W, 1200W, 1800W and 2400W
  • mounts on standard 5/8" stud
  • size: 9" diameter, 7" deep, 13" high
  • weight: 5 lbs 6 oz. with lamps
  • diameter of centre lens opening: 2-3/4" at rear and 3-1/4" at front of housing. Depth is 6 inches
  • power requirements: operation from one or two different power outlets of 15 amps each.
PALLITE VIII continuous, high illuminance floodlights are supplied complete with a set of 8 lamps, cooling fans and 5/8" hole for mounting, 2 x 12 amps max. including two spare projection lamps. Optional accessories include a heavy duty lightstand for industrial use and replacement lamps.

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