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Scitech  introduces a new optical tweezers system from JPK Instruments AG for sensitive force measurements.
NanoTracker2, the new optical tweezers system delivers better linearity and diminished cross-talk, helping to improve sensitive force measurements. Based on research-grade inverted optical microscopes, the optical tweezers platform is designed for sensitive manipulation, force and tracking experiments. The user can trap and track particles from several μm down to 30nm with the ability to control, manipulate and observe samples in real-time with nanometer precision and femto-Newton resolution.
Traditionally built by researchers with a background in physics or instrumentation, JPK’s ready-to-use optical tweezers system minimises user input, meeting the needs of practising applications scientists in the areas of biophysics, biochemistry, polymer science, biology, single molecule mechanics groups, and cell sorting and manipulation.
The optical tweezers platform provides force and interaction measurement in parallel with optical microscopy using complementary spectroscopic techniques.
Key features of NanoTracker2 optical tweezers system:

  • Platform built with increased stability and lower noise to improve detection
  • Pivot-point piezo-mirrors provide accurate beam steering
  • Re-designed optical pathways assure better detection
  • Simplifies single molecule experiments such as DNA stretching or cell/particle experiments
  • Saves time for the user with full control of all parameters in one control and analysis software package
JPK Instruments AG is a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instruments including atomic force microscopes (AFM) and optical tweezers.

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