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New MetaMorph real-time super-resolution imaging from Scitech

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Scitech  introduces the MetaMorph super-resolution system from Molecular Devices providing real-time super-resolution imaging on the nanometer scale.
Capable of capturing organisation of sub-cellular structures not readily discernible with conventional confocal or TIRF microscopy, the MetaMorph super-resolution system can be used to resolve sub-cellular objects as small as 20 nm spatially and 40 nm axially. The MetaMorph super-resolution system provides a means to control experimental hardware, capture image sequences, perform localization calculations and display the developing super-resolution image in real-time.
Offering synchronised image acquisition and processing, the MetaMorph super-resolution system enables analysis of object details smaller than 250 nm in fixed and live cells. It features real-time image processing, expanding the capabilities of optical microscopy in research and supports numerous scientific applications from time-lapse studies to 3D investigations.

Light microscopy cannot be relied upon to analyse images of biological matter smaller than 250 nm. Super-resolution microscopy helps to overcome these limits by reconstructing images at a resolution surpassing the diffraction limit of the objective lens. With patent-pending image processing techniques, the system produces 20 nm lateral resolution in real time.

The MetaMorph super-resolution system builds on the MetaMorph software that guides researchers through setup, acquisition and analysis, with a dedicated workspace in the user interface ensuring that relevant configuration and display settings are accessible. Side-by-side displays and image statistics provide a multifaceted view of the quality and progress of image acquisition and processing.
A unique hardware acceleration component supports fast acquisition and analysis with real-time super-resolution image display. An optional off-line mode allows super-resolution processing of previously acquired images. The system is compatible with most fluorescence and TIRF microscopes.

  • Supports PALM, STORM, dSTORM super-resolution techniques
  • Compatible with most  microscopes and TIRF systems
  • Live replay captures real time events such as in FRAP, FRET and other laser-based studies, time lapse experiments, live cell imaging, and digital microscopy
Key features of MetaMorph super-resolution system:

  • Lateral resolution 20 nm; axial resolution 40 nm
  • Supports many single molecule localization super-resolution techniques
  • Real-time super-resolution image construction at camera frame rate
  • Offline analysis available
  • Wavelet filtering and Gaussian fitting
  • 3-D localization using astigmatism
  • Real-time super-resolution image display at any CCD frame rate
  • Offline processing
  • Drift correction using fiduciary markers
  • Variable scaling of super-resolution image
  • Automatic thresholding and splitting of closely spaced molecules
  • Single molecule localization text file generation for data exportation
  • Image stack acquisition
  • Arbitrary acquired image size

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