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New Image-Pro Insight Image Capture, Processing and Measurement Software from Scitech

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Scitech  introduces the new Image-Pro Insight Version 8.0 software from Media Cybernetics. The Image-Pro Insight Version 8.0 software is a new image capture, processing and measurement software based on over 25 years of user feedback.  

Image-Pro Insight 8.0 image acquisition, processing and measurement software features an updated user interface, user-friendly enhancements and several innovative, time-saving features.  

New intelligent features include combined Live Tiling and Live Extended Depth of Field (EDF), live measurements, automatic calibration and reporting tools.  

Live Tiling and Live EDF allow easy acquisition of large, tiled images and beautifully focused images live without an automated stage or focus drive. The new tools in Image-Pro Insight 8.0 offer combined functionality so that users can create focused, tiled images in one sitting while manually moving around their specimens.  

Key features of Image-Pro Insight 8.0 software: 

  • Superior measurement and analysis by providing manual distance, angle, best-fit and area measurement tools
  • Introduces new Snap-to-Edge ‘magnetic’ measurements that identify object edges to guarantee consistent, fast measurements
  • Semi-automated Auto Trace draws around an object and determines area measurements with two clicks
  • All measurements are interactive and easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
  • Sharing and reporting features with 8 pre-designed report templates
  • Images can be easily saved in low-resolution, high-resolution or video formats
  • Simple export to Microsoft PowerPoint automatically creates a slideshow with active images

Capture features 

  • Single frame and movie acquisition
  • Live tiling and EDF
  • Crosshair grid on live image display
  • TWAIN acquisition

Process and Analyse 

  • Post-acquisition alignment and EDF
  • Frame averaging
  • Colour composite
  • Pseudocolor
  • Image math
  • Filters: enhancement, edge, large and morphological
  • Binary mask
  • Sequence/ movie editing

Measure and Quantify 

  • Advanced line profile analysis
  • Manual measurements
  • Live image measurements
  • Snap measurements
  • Best-fit measurements
  • Classify measurements
  • Interactive data table
  • Data histogram

Report and Share 

  • Annotation tools
  • Quick save for publication and analysis
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint and Word
  • Reporting tools (including PDF)
  • Create snapshot of zoomed view
  • Create snapshot with overlays

View features 

  • Surface plot view and movie creator
  • Gallery view
  • Lock and zoom multiple images
  • Zoomed image navigator
  • Full-screen mode



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