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IQbase version 2.5, an image processing asset management solution from Scitech

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Scitech  announced the release of IQbase v2.5, an image processing asset management solution that helps to store, query, and share large numbers of images and data. IQbase v2.5 improve efficiency and collaboration both within and outside of the organisation while protecting the valuable images.

With IQbase, we can archive and retrieve images and data via a client-server database application as well as via the internet, using the IQbrowser web application. The workflow can be streamlined with easy “click and choose” tools for archiving, searching, displaying, customising and reporting the image data.

IQbase Version 2.5 offers a number of usability enhancements as well as new features like large image viewers, advanced online searching tools, new report templates and support for additional file formats.

With IQbase, users can perform image searches based on keywords or using more detailed context sensitive search parameters. Images and data can be easily shared with others through the use of automatic PDF report templates, one-step export to Powerpoint tools, and web-based image searching and downloading. IQbase allows users to further explore their images with qualitative visualisation tools like image overlays and annotations, as well as with quantitative graphs and charts for interactive data analysis.

New features include:-

  • Archive image header data and view thumbnail previews for JPEG 2000, Zeiss LSM, Leica LEI, Image-Pro SEQ, Metamorph SDK file formats (TIFF, JPEG, BMP and other standard file formats continue to be supported).
  • Background archiving to streamline the workflow.
  • Archive images via the internet using online upload capabilities.
  • quick keyword searches or more advanced queries via the desktop application and the web can be performed easily.
  • Very large image files in the desktop application or via the web can be viewed.
  • Active directory group support.
  • Customisable data views allow to control which attribute data is displayed with the images.

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