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Scitech  has introduced a new hyperspectral imaging system designed for user-friendly operation in diverse application areas from forensics to food inspections.
Headwall Photonics’ Hyperspec UV starter kit provides everything required to evaluate and categorise the spectral composition of materials and samples within the UV spectral region. The new hyperspectral imaging system is employed in diverse application areas including forensics, document and currency examination, chemical analyses, food and pharmaceutical inspection, and biotechnology analysis.
The Hyperspec UV imaging configuration is designed specifically for the analysis of materials such as forensic evidence or biological samples where optimised spectral and spatial resolution is needed. Document and currency verification, forensics, food and pharmaceutical inspection, and chemical analysis are just a few of the areas where hyperspectral UV imaging can deliver a wealth of valuable data.
Key features of Hyperspec UV starter kit: 

  • High-performance Hyperspec UV imaging spectrometer optimised for the 250nm-600nm UV-VIS spectral range
  • Gantry assembly, specially calibrated power-stabilised lighting, linear stage and controller
  • Processor engine loaded with Headwall's Hyperspec software
  • Hyperspec Data Processing Unit manages the incoming hyperspectral data
  • Optional enclosure eliminates the effect of stray light
A pioneer in the field of hyperspectral imaging, Headwall Photonics has successfully deployed its Hyperspec and Micro-Hyperspec sensors for end-users and OEMs in applications including military/defence, airborne and ground surveillance, and food safety and pharmaceutical inspection.

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