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High-speed memory video camera system introduced by SciTech

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SciTech has introduced MemView, a high-speed memory digital video camera system allowing users to capture up to 12 seconds of 1280 x 1024 imagery at 500 frames per second.

MemView is ideal for capturing high-speed events such as munitions explosions, laser firings, bio-analysis, projectile tracking and is capable of higher frame rates for smaller images.

When one cannot afford to miss a high-speed event, the MemView delivers.

By integrating intelligence with the performance of high-speed cameras, Southern Vision Systems Inc has created a new standard in high-speed video solutions.

In addition to this unique technology, the simple plug-n-play operation via USB allows SVSi to deliver more cost-effective solutions to many of today's high-speed video applications such as ballistics, bio-analysis and automotive crash testing.

In its standard configuration, MemView provides a cost-effective solution to high-speed video applications. By recording and storing several seconds of imagery at speeds up to 16,000 fps, MemView provides the necessary means for analysing most high-speed events.

When combined with the optional Image-Cued Intelligence or iCi, MemView can deliver even more powerful solutions.


  • USB 2 Interface, no frame grabber needed
  • 1280 x 1024 image size
  • 500 fps at full resolution
  • 16,000 fps max rate
  • Up to 12 sec record time at full resolution and frame rate
  • External trigger and
  • Expandable to 8 GB of internal memory


  • Ballistics
  • Crash testing
  • Weapons testing
  • Sports analysis
  • Bio-analysis and
  • Manufacturing and packaging

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