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GigaView high-speed camera available from SciTech

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Process inspection, high-speed motion capture and troubleshooting of production lines just got easier with the SVSi GigaView high-speed camera available from SciTech .

GigaView – a Gigabit Ethernet equipped high-speed digital video camera system is specifically designed for the difficulties of the production environment.

GigaView is the only complete video solution that delivers the images the user needs to solve the problem every time.

Designed for true networked (TCP/IP) operation, GigaView can record an entire 8-hour shift of high-resolution high-speed video to diagnose equipment failures, power disruptions, or external interference.

With the easy-to-use software on the market (just turn it on and GigaView begins recording video), the user can concentrate on maximising efficiency.

GigaView reduces even the high speed processes to slow-motion video that can be analysed frame-by-frame.

Through the combination of high resolution, longer record times and fast frame-rates, GigaView is the clear performance leader in high-speed video solutions for the production and packaging environments.

Image-cued trigger:

A troubleshooting aid unique to GigaView is the ability to trigger the recording process from an event in the camera’s field-of-view.

If the user knows what happens but not when, GigaView can look for the event itself and record digital video before and after the fact with a minimum of excess frames so that the user can go straight to the cause of the problem.

High-speed packaging and production lines mean expensive down-time. GigaView was designed and built to minimise down-time and optimise return-on-investment.

With its new streaming feature, GigaView offers tools for production troubleshooting not available anywhere else.

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