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Geologic field spectrometer available from Scitech

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Raman spectroscopy is the method of choice for rapid and non-destructive mineral identification.

The DeltaNu RockHound, now available from Scitech , is a portable, hand-held field analysis spectrometer which takes Raman spectroscopy beyond a laboratory setting.

A library with approximately 500 samples is used to aid students, professors and researchers in the identification of unknown rocks, minerals and soils. The RockHound is a portable Raman spectrometer dedicated to the geological sciences.

The RockHound may be connected with a small digital microscope that provides fine laser positioning and focusing on a discrete portion of a heterogeneous rock sample.

It is used to characterise inclusions embedded in a mineral matrix and study daughter minerals and other organic components in rocks. Since the Raman spectra for different minerals tend to have sharp peaks that form a unique pattern, they serve as fingerprints for each material.

Raman signatures are obtainable for several individual inorganic substances such as oxanionic minerals (e.g., SO4-2, CO32-, PO42-, silicates), oxide and sulfide minerals (e.g., hematite, pyrrhotite), and cation mole fractions in Ca+2, Mg+2, and Fe+2.

Organic materials have been characterised (e.g., kerogen, humic, and fulvic acid) in addition to water and OH present in clay, zeolites, etc.


  • Solids: point and shoot attachment with shroud cover
  • Liquids: sample cell attachment for 8mm vials, NMR tubes, or MP tubes
  • FSX technology for high stability
  • Microscopy: optional microscope attachment
  • Portability: Weighs under 5 lbs, Remote trigger, wireless blue tooth connectivity (or USB), battery powered with 5 hours of continuous use
  • Instrument specifications: Laser: 120 mW 785 nm, Resolution: 8 cm-1, Spectral range: 200– 2000 cm-1
  • PC and Software: Laptop PC, NuSpec Software and library development software. Data acquisition, averaging and sequence function with auto save feature. Additional features include laser power control, spectral viewing and on-screen spectral comparison and quality index matching. DeltaNu's proprietary referencing and baseline features are used to remove ambient light and background fluorescence, respectively, Mineral library with over 500 spectra, black optical cloth, laser safety glasses, USB cable, jump drive, power supply, instruction manual, carrying case, winner of the R&D 100 Award 2006


  • Teaching
  • Industrial geology
  • Precious minerals and gems
  • Archaeology

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