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Scitech  has introduced the The PatchStar electrophysiology micromanipulator from Scientifica. The Patchstar is the ideal choice for Patch Clamping, Sharp electrode recording, Microinjection, Stretch testing and other electrophysiology procedures requiring delicate and long term positioning.

The PatchStar offers four axes of motorized motion, X Y Z and “Approach”. This micromanipulator can be easily mounted next to any microscope and suits many experimental types. Low noise means that small signals can be detected, stability allows for work with small cells and long experiments to be carried out. The super smooth motion allows for probe positioning onto delicate cells and the fast pipette exchange system saves you time.

The option of simple programming ensures that the PatchStar is reliable and versatile. Control options include: Control Cube, PatchPad or Joystick.

The new electrophysiology micromanipulator could also be controlled by the “LinLab” software, a small Windows based program which enables you to view XYZ positions, control triggered step sizes, customize the speed settings, set home features and offsets, you could even integrate the PatchStar with your own software.


  • Patch Clamping
  • Microinjection
  • Stretch testing
  • Electrophysiology procedures requiring delicate and long term positioning
  • Patch Clamp Techniques
  • Sharp electrode recording
  • Super smooth motion - When you initially purchase your micromanipulator you may wish to position it on the right hand side of your sample. Later you may wish to switch it to the left side but unfortunately many other micromanipulators will not enable you to do this. The PatchStar electrophysiology micromanipulator has been designed using dovetail slides and can be switched from right to left handed within two minutes. This means that you can confidently choose the PatchStar and know it will fit with your future needs.
  • Ultra stable - Long term experiments or those involving small cells require absolute stability. The PatchStar electrophysiology micromanipulator can boast less than one micron of drift in 2 hours. This data has been confirmed in real laboratory conditions. This is achieved by careful mechanical design, the use of high quality crossed-roller bearings, stable electronics and a high performance drive system. Small stepper motors drive leadscrews and captured nut mechanisms to offer resolution of 20nm. This also ensures stability and provides backlash-free smooth motion without lateral probe movements.
  • Low noise electronics – With most electrophysiological recordings it is essential to have minimal electrical noise. The linear drive electronics we use means that the noise level is exceptionally low. You can confidently carry out single channel recordings without having to switch off the micromanipulator. Not only is the micromanipulator electrically quiet, we have made the system audibly quiet too.

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