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Cohu 7100 series camera available from SciTech

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Whether users’ CCTV system is going to IP or is already there, Cohu makes IP scalable, affordable, and bandwidth-efficient. If a digital network is in place, Cohu has an IP-ready megapixel colour surveillance camera for users to install.

The Cohu 7100 series - putting Ethernet video surveillance outdoors
· A suite of surveillance resources in one camera
· Available in interior or exterior models
· MJPEG image compression over wireless or Ethernet
· Web based browser and control, and on-board video processing
· 2048 x 1536 pixels for high res imaging

For at-risk outdoor facilities that are wired for Ethernet connectivity, SciTech and Cohu Electronics provide a sealed and pressurised enclosure for its 7100 series Ethernet surveillance camera.

The Cohu 7100 Series is more than just a camera: it is a suite of intelligent surveillance tools combined in a multi-megapixel, high resolution CMOS camera. And when the Cohu 7100 series is enclosed in Cohu’s legendary sealed and pressurised enclosure, users have a reliable, fine quality surveillance system at a much lower price, than if all the components is to be purchased separately.

The sealed and pressurised enclosure is rated IP67, and provides maximum protection of the camera and its optics against weather and grime. The camera is assembled and tested with an application-specific lens, then sealed and pressurised for delivery to the customer, where it can be mounted on a stationary or mechanical positioner.

By providing computing power on board the Cohu 7100 series camera, virtually every task that the camera is required to perform is accomplished without external computers or programs. The JPEG image compression can be configured for low-bandwidth networks and maximum bandwidth efficiency, while still providing high quality video. On-board features include on-chip digital image manipulation, user-defined motion detection windows, alarm input/outputs, and built-in web page viewer.

For unattended surveillance applications, up to nine user-defined motion detection windows, including sensitivity and include and exclude regions, can be easily configured. Combined with the alarm input/outputs, the camera can trigger external lights, alarms, recording, etc. The Cohu 7100 series camera can snap JPEG images at user-configurable intervals, by motion detection, or by external trigger inputs. The images can be transferred via FTP or email. The Cohu 7100 series will also record MJPEG video images to an FTP site, while viewing live video from the camera.

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