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Chemistage CC-16mini imaging system available from Scitech

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Wealtec’s Chemistage CC-16mini, available from Scitech , is a compact and user-friendly image system equipped with an advanced Peltier-cooled 16-bit CCD camera, which is used to detect the weak signal generated by the luminal chemical reaction.

The imaging system not only allows higher sensitivity, but also enhances a quiet operation.

The small dark room with two position tray has provided a proper environment for capturing image.

Upon capturing the image, Wealtec’s Dolphin 1D software serves as an ideal platform for data analysis and the features can provide various analysing application such as band quantification, thus the combination offers a convenient way for image capturing and analysis.

With 10 hours maximum exposure through 10 accumulations and automatic, incremental or one-shot manual exposures modes, users have the options to choose the good image for different exposure time through computer without the need to use the X-ray film.


  • Small footprint image system designed especially for chemiluminescent imaging
  • Peltier-cooled 16-bit CCD-camera enables great sensitivity and eliminates noise
  • Convenient image acquisition modes in featured software
  • Automatic, Incremental or One-shot Manual exposure modes
  • 10 hours maximum exposure (incremental mode, 10 accumulations)
  • No X-ray film is needed


  • Chemiluminescent imaging of western blots, dot blots, slot blots, microtiter plates
  • ECL and ECL+TM*
  • SuperSignal West TM*
  • Luminol - CDP Star TM*
  • Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)
  • Alkaline Phosphatase (AP)

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