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Lumenera’s SKYnyx astronomy cameras from Scitech are designed to capture clear as well as crisp planetary, lunar and solar images.  

Lumenera’s SKYnyx series of planetary astrophotography cameras have been specifically designed for amateur and professional imagers.  

The SKYnyx family of astronomy cameras offers high sensitivity Sony CCD sensors and can be powered directly off the USB 2.0 bus with no requirement for external power.  

Advanced features such as selection of Region of Interest (ROI) and binning provide extremely high frame rates with no data compression.  

Superior signal-to-noise ratios meet the astrophotographer’s demanding needs for high quality astronomy images.  

All SKYnyx digital cameras feature a rugged, anodised aluminium enclosure, providing years of uncompromised imaging and excellent performance.  

Features of SKYnyx astronomy cameras:

  • Sony CCD sensors with excellent sensitivity
  • VGA, 1.4 and 2.0 megapixel resolution
  • Extremely fast frame rates at full resolution with no compression
  • 8 or 12-bits per pixel
  • Low noise for crisp imaging
  • ROI and binning supported

Astronomy Digital Imaging Software  

The SKYnyx astronomy camera and image capturing experience can be enhanced through applications from Lumenera’s 3rd party software partners. Lumenera is integrated with popular commercial, shareware and freeware vendors including:

  • AstroArt (MSB Software)
  • K3CCD Tools (K3)
  • LUCAM Recorder (Heiko Wilkens)
  • MaxIm DL (Cyanogen)
  • StreamPix (NorPix)

Lumenera’s SKYnyx astrophotography cameras also support a DirectShow interface, allowing camera control by any DirectShow compliant application.  

SKYnyx astronomy cameras models:

All models of astronomy cameras are specifically designed for lunar, solar and planetary imaging, featuring high sensitivity, low noise and fast frame rates.

  • Lumenera’s SKYnyx2-0 VGA CCD digital astronomy camera features high sensitivity, low noise and extremely fast frame rates.
  • Lumenera’s SKYnyx2-1 1.4 megapixel CCD digital astronomy camera has 1392x1040 resolution and on-board processing to deliver outstanding image quality.
  • Lumenera’s SKYnyx2-2 2.0 megapixel CCD digital astronomy camera features 1616x1232 resolution and on-board processing to deliver outstanding image quality. 
  • All models come in colour and monochrome.

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