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SCITECH Pty Ltd has released the new EMCCD camera from Andor.

The iXonEM+ combines photon collection efficiencies of up to 95% QE with single photon sensitivity through virtual elimination of the read noise detection limit.

The range offers multiple readout speeds up to 35 MHz, 14- and 16-bit digitisation and benefits from negligible dark current with unequalled thermoelectric cooling down to -100°C .

Andor's unique vertical clock parameters ensure that clock induced charge (spurious noise) is the lowest available.

Rapid vertical clocking ensures the frame rates are fastest available and smear is minimal.

The new Linear EM Gain control of iXonEM+ offers enhanced user-friendliness, setting a new precedent in day-to-day EMCCD use.

Now, the EMCCD gain of the camera can be varied linearly from unity up to maximum gain directly through the software, via a true quantitative EM gain scale. Tis innovative linear gain calibration is temperature compensated.

The iXonEM+ is ideal for ultra low-light, dynamic imaging experiments, including: Single Molecule Detection, Live Cell Multi-Dimensional Microscopy, Spinning disk Confocal Microscopy, Intracellular Ion Signalling, Cell Motility, Bioluminescence/Chemiluminescence, Adaptive optics, Lucky Astronomy, Photon Counting, Bose Einstein Condensation, Neutron Radiography/Tomography and Multi-spectral (hyperspectral) Imaging.

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