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Active vibration isolation from Scitech with Accurion halcyonics_i4

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Scitech  presents the Accurion halcyonics_i4, a state-of-the-art active vibration isolation system ideal for isolating high resolution measurement equipment from disturbing vibrations caused by machinery, buildings or traffic.
Featuring a low profile carbon design, the vibration isolation system has a working surface of 400 x 500 mm² and a maximum load capacity of 120kg. The i4 is a multifunctional active vibration isolation system suitable for a variety of applications including scanning probe microscopy, inverse microscopy, confocal scanning microscopy, profilometers, nanoindentation, micromanipulation, ultra microtomes, ultra-precise scales and acoustics and music industry.
The lack of a low frequency resonance, which is a frequency where passive isolators amplify vibrations instead of isolating them, is a key advantage. Running on AC power, the system does not require any compressed air supply for operation. The compact and portable halcyonics_i4 provides active compensation in all six degrees of freedom.
Designed for user-friendly operation, the control panel features three buttons to control the entire system with no manual adjusting or tuning required, enabling the user to completely concentrate on the application. The isolation effect starts at 0.6 Hz, achieving the maximum performance of -40 dB at 10 Hz, where 99% of the vibration is isolated.
Key features of Accurion halcyonics_i4 active vibration isolation system:

  • Automatic load adjustment and transportation lock
  • Active isolation in six degrees of freedom
  • No natural low frequency resonance
  • Excellent position stability with high inherent stiffness typically 20-30 times higher than that of a 1 Hz passive isolator
  • Active vibration isolation starts at 0.6 Hz (passive isolation above 200 Hz)
  • Isolates high resolution measurement equipment from building, traffic or machinery vibrations
  • Low voltage electromagnetic actuators
  • Excellent vibration characteristics in frequency ranges below 5 Hz
  • Settling time of only 0.3 s
  • Two-year warranty

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