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article image Capable of high heating and cooling rates and full isotherm plots.

SCIENTIFIC Solutions has released Bahr thermal analysis products in Australia and New Zealand. The range includes dilatometers, differential scanning calorimeters, thermal gravimetric analysers, thermo mechanical analysers, dynamic mechanical analysers, simultaneous thermal analysis systems, high-temperature viscometers and plastometers.

Dilatometers are used for measuring the thermal deformation of materials within a known temperature regime. The thermal analysis system is available with measuring single samples, differential measurements, multiple samples and quench/deformation systems. Other systems are capable of high heating and cooling rates and full isotherm plots.

The differential scanning calorimeters have a thermally decoupled heat flux sensor which provides a high thermal resistance between sensor and heating faces. This enables a high resolution of successive reactions.

Thermal gravimetric analysers measure the change in mass of a sample as a function of temperature. Bahr systems cover -160°C to 2400°C. The balance is located below the sample, providing high-sensitivity, stable behaviour with dynamic gas flow and excellent long-term stability at high temperatures. There is also a lateral balance system which is designed to have an even higher degree of stability under dynamic gas conditions.

Simultaneous thermal analysis systems measure the change of mass and temperature of a sample as a function of the temperature. The Bahr side weighing system is stable under a dynamic gas load and because of the small sample volume the system is suited to later analysis by FTIR or MS.

The Bahr thermo/dynamic mechanical analysers measure the change in a sample due to temperature and applied load, either static or dynamic, at tensile or compressive rates from 0.05Hz to 50Hz. Various measuring systems are available, depending on the application.

The inductive sensor has a resolution of 10nm and several calibration standards are available, depending on the application.

The Bahr viscometry systems cover the range of requirements for high temperature analysis - rotational, fibre elongation and beam bending systems for measuring the dynamic viscosity of materials. The system is designed for measuring the viscosity of materials up to 1700°C. Typical materials are glasses, light metals, slags and mould powders.

Bahr plastometers enable the measurement of the plastic deformation behaviour of metallic solids as a function of temperature, applied force (amplitude and frequency) as well as compressive and/or tensile forces. A gas shower quench after deformation allows for extremely fast cooling.

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