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Scientific Solutions is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Quantachrome Instruments from Florida, USA. They have developed surface area and pore size instruments.

The Stereopycnometre is the standard model of the series of manually operated pycnometres offered by Quantachrome Instruments. It offers a choice of two interchangeable sample cells used in conjunction with a single reference volume.

A sample is placed in the sample cell and degassed by purging with a flow of dry gas, by vacuum, or by a series of pressurization cycles. The analysis is performed by pressurizing the sample cell to approximately 17 psi and recording the value.

The selector valve is rotated so the gas expands into the reference or added volume and that lower pressure is recorded. From these two readings the sample volume can be quickly and accurately calculated.

If samples are compressible foams, the cell-to-reference pressure sequence of the Stereopycnometre is the preferred method over that employed by the Multipycnometre, which is the other instrument in the series, capable of the standard measurement sequence in a wider range of cells.


  • Sample size range from 4.5 cc to 135 cc
  • Interchangeable sample cells

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