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Series G 750 Potentiostat available from Scientific Solutions

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Series G 750 Potentiostat/Galvanostat/ZRA is a research-grade electrochemical instrument that can be used in desktop or notebook computers. It runs all Gamry software.

The series G 750 is an ideal potentiostat for battery and fuel cell applications, electrodeposition studies and corrosion measurement.

The series G 750 meets the requirements for the reduction of hazardous substances regulations of the European Union. All of the electronic and mechanical components in the Series G750 are certified to be free of lead.

The series G 750 is a higher current version of the series G 300 Potentiostat. Its output is a healthy ±750 mA at ±12 V.

This is especially useful when testing batteries, fuel cells, or electrochemical systems with very high corrosion rates. Its 9 current ranges and post gain offset capability allow for a maximum resolution of 2.5 fA (gain=100).

16-bit D/A and A/D converters, along with four terminal current and voltage measurements, provide accurate results down to 1 µV resolution.

On-board electronics allow EIS scans from 10 µHz to 300 kHz, without the need for an external FRA or lock-in amplifier.

Extensive voltage and current channel filtering allows quiet measurements in noisy environments.

Isolation – PCI series potentiostats were designed by electrochemists for the real world. All Gamry potentiostats are fully isolated (electrically) from the host computer's chassis ground, allowing it to function properly with earth grounded cells.

Use the series G 750 with autoclaves, mechanical stress apparatus, or pipeline probes for accurate results.

Perfect engineering - Gamry's modern electronic design and extensive use of surface mount technology packs tremendous capability onto a small area.

Current interrupt and positive feedback iR compensation - no need to rig your cells with supporting electrolyte or geometric modifications anymore, Gamry potentiostats and their controlling software use control loop algorithms to accurately measure and correct for uncompensated resistance.

Portability - All Gamry potentiostats were designed to be used in the field as well as in a laboratory environment.

Auxiliary I/O - All Gamry potentiostats allow you to control additional equipment via a host of additional I/O interfaces, both analogue and digital

Power supply - Potentiostats use the computer's power supply, eliminating the need for extra cables and clutter.

Scalability - Up to eight series G 750 Potentiostats can be installed in one computer as a MultEchem System.

Built-in EIS - On- board DDS to perform EIS from 10µHz to 300 kHz.

Easy installation - The series G 750 is a plug and play device, so installation is automated and easy. A 16-page quick-start guide gives illustrated step-by-step instructions to install both the series G 750 and the Gamry software.

Scientific Solutions are the surface science instrumentation specialists with a wealth of experience in supplying solutions for research and development and industrial measurement requirements.

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