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Seminar on Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology

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SCIENTIFIC Solutions will be hosting a seminar series throughout Australia and New Zealand in March/April 2006 to deliver information on current developments in Q-factor (dissipation) Quartz Crystal Microbalance technology.

This technology has, until now, largely been used only in areas of biotechnology and thin film work.

However, the technology has much more to offer than the normal applications in biofouling, biomaterials, drug development, electrochemistry, functionalised surfaces, thin films, biorecognition and materials properties.

Through using Impedance Spectroscopy and substantial developments in hardware and software, KSV Instruments has been able to provide additional capability.

Because KSV produces QCM hardware in a modular way, they have been able to combine techniques to provide new windows onto analytical processes.

For instance, researchers now have the ability to consider very flexible concurrent techniques, like QCM/LB, QCM/LB/BAM, QCM/LB/Ellipsometry, QCM/Ellipsometry, QCM/Interfacial Stress Rheometry and more.

These combination techniques are well beyond anything that has been offered with dissipative QCM techniques in the past.

Speakers at the QCM Technology seminar series will be Dr Tapani Viitala and Dr Matthew Fielden from KSV and Mr Phil Harrip from Scientific Solutions.

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